Domenica is an unprecedented professional with over 15 years of experience in Compensation, Benefits, Sales Compensation, Human Resources, Project Management and Payroll combined. She is a results-driven, self-motivated, team-oriented professional. Most importantly she loves to learn new skills and apply those skills to the ever-evolving realm of total rewards.

Domenica is known to collaborate and influence Leadership in Sales, HR, IT and Finance in terms of designs that drive revenue growth, whole and equitable compensation, and benefits by utilizing data analysis, and presentation skills that gain buy-in. She has created compensation and benefits structures, trained and coached employees, and improved information technology and operational processes for human resources, sales compensation, compensation, and benefits. Domenica has extensive experience in local government, non-profits, school districts, technology, and fin-tech industries. She has established an excellent reputation and is the go-to person for all thing’s total rewards.

Domenica earned her master’s in business administration with HR concentration degree from the University of Colorado, Denver, and her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of California Riverside. She has also been accredited as a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) by Scrum Alliance and has utilized the agile methodologies mastered in SaaS performance management systems implementations. Domenica is currently earning her Data Analyst certification from General Assembly and refining her Excel, SQL, and Tableau data visualization skills so to improve presentation visualization in her current compensation projects.

Domenica is an active participant in the Latino community. She is part of a team of family members from underrepresented communities and educators that collaborate to support the success and well-being of students and improve family members connection with their school.

These include:

• Latino Parent Advisor Council (CAPL), Boulder Valley School District
• Families and Educators Together (FET), Boulder High School
• Cal wood Education Center, Jamestown Colorado

Domenica is originally from Los Angeles and has lived in Colorado for over 13 years. She enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, rafting and spending time with her family over a campfire making smores. She loves taking walks to Waneka Lake in Lafayette, CO and spending time with her mountain friends in Jamestown.