Joseph has had a storied career spanning from the world of entertainment, utilities, and most recently, film journalism. In the latter industry, he served as editor-in-chief of the entertainment outlet LRM Online for nearly four years. Thankfully, his work in journalism allowed him to travel with his wife as her Ph.D. program sent her from one end of the country to the next.

In his time as editor-in-chief, Joseph learned the ins and outs of running what is effectively an upstart company with limited resources. While leading LRM Online, he grew the monthly users of the site, established a high bar of quality, and nurtured a pool of talented writers loyal to the LRM Online brand. His experience taught him the value of people and the time and effort required to get the right talent on board and develop their skills to help better the company as a whole.

And it is this aspect of his experience that drew Joseph to recruitment in the first place. In his years working at the website, he grew to realize how important it was not only to hire talented people, but to ensure they were a fit for the site’s culture, values, and overall vision. Without those key elements, it was difficult for workers to contribute meaningfully to the site’s long-term goals. At the end of the day, matching up an employee with the right company is not just a matter of aligning resumes with desired qualifications, but matching individual personalities and goals with company values and long-term objectives.

Joseph received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Screenwriting and a minor in Business from Chapman University in sunny Orange, California.

After traveling the United States over the years and supporting his wife’s successful pursuit of her Ph.D. in Psychology, Joseph finally settled down in beautiful Colorado. He enjoys hiking, reading, writing fantasy novels, and is currently trying his best to love cooking.