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Organizations that focus on learning and development notice direct improvements with employee engagement, efficiency and overall performance. The ROI advantage for investing in your people can provide financial gain and reduce risk in the areas of consistent turnover, avoidable misconduct, inefficient processes and lack of motivation.

At HR Advantage Group, we work with individuals and organizations of all levels, all different sizes and all different areas of industries.












Leadership & Management

Leaders are not just born; they are developed. We believe in equipping you and your people with the necessary toolkit to make strategic decisions, develop their self-awareness, understand how to adapt to others, lead with authenticity, and empower others to act. We develop programs customized to your organization’s leadership gaps. Whether you are looking to train new managers on the basics or boost your senior leadership skillset; we provide a range of solutions which can be tailored toward the culture of your organization.

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Change Management

Creating an agile and resilient culture is crucial for leading successful change initiatives. Without the support and adoption, many new initiatives fail. Change management is the people side of business transformation. Change simply does not happen by itself. Change needs to be cohesively and proactively managed. Change management integrates the transition of people, processes and technology from the current “as-is” state to a continually unfolding future state.

It is critical for both managers and non-mangers to understand change management techniques and methods to achieve the desired outcomes(s). This course will develop an appreciation of the impact of organizational change on people, identify ways to positively lead and motivate people through cultural or organizational change, develop skills for effectively communicating change and identify ways to help team members cope with change.

Servant Leadership

It has been around for years and some may contend for centuries. What is servant leadership and how can I apply it?  As a servant leader, you’re a “servant first” – you focus on the needs of others, especially team members, before you consider your own. Those who have used this leadership style have developed higher engagement, more trust, and stronger relationships with team members and other stakeholders. This session will define servant leadership, created an understanding of how it is different from other styles of leadership, develop an understanding of its benefits and an action plan for implementation.

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program

Bring a coaching culture into your organization today! Every day we see examples of coaching at work transforming individuals, teams and organizations. These examples fuel our passion to get coaching skills and competencies into the hands of as many people as possible. Our program is are pragmatic, practical and highly transformational to ensure that coaching skills are not only learned but done so in a way that can be sustained for long-lasting results. We offer flexible training formats for individuals and organizations. The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ draws from the most advanced knowledge-base in the coaching field and is translated into a simple, intuitive and highly transferable framework for busy executives and managers. The format of this program can be customized to meet the needs of your managers and organization.

Accountability Creates Reliability

All organizations have stakeholders, both internal and external who rely on work getting done. However, there is a difference between getting it done and doing the work at a high level. You and your team have an opportunity to become more reliable, more efficient, and more responsible for the sake of your organization – taking your leadership to the next level. This is more than just a mindset; it is a skill-set than anyone can learn. Our session is geared to deepen participants understanding of setting clear direction; the use of delegation; establishing accountability; providing feedback; and the use of storytelling to build connections and engagement.

Leading Across Generations

Workplace demographics are quickly shifting. How can you adapt to be successful to meet this new landscape that is impacting the workplace culture and the way you like to work? There are approximately 53 million Millennials in today’s workplace, surpassing Generation X, becoming the largest share of the U.S. workforce. Understanding each generation and determining what unites us is crucial to addressing this challenge. By developing this awareness, you will become a valuable commodity, as an employee, as a colleague and a team member. We will explore the common beliefs of each generation who is in the workplace and develop strategies to more effectively work together.

Management Training – The Basic Series

As a new leader, it can sometimes feel like your head is spinning. You have new responsibilities from managing the work, setting expectations for others, hiring new team members and having difficult conversations. This series is designed to build and enhance your skills. We will cover key communication concepts, performance documentation tips, manager and employee 1-1s and more.

  • Interviewing 101
  • Managing a Team
  • Performance Documentation
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Building trust
  • Listening – Active and Empathetic
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • High Performance Work Teams
  • Leading Effective Meetings
  • Diversity & Inclusion

HR Compliance

It is of critical importance to create and maintain a safe and productive workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination. Employers should train all their employees on their obligations under the law and to the company. These offerings are designed to safeguard your workplace culture and reduce your legal liability

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Creating a Respectful Workplace

Harassment and Abusive Conduct Training for the Workplace:
– Managers and Leaders
– Employees

AB 1825 and AB 2053 – California Mandated Harassment Training for Employees
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Training
Interviewing and the Law (for Managers and Supervisors)


    Every organizational structure can benefit from strong foundation. HR Advantage provides many development sessions for your employees, both non-managers and managers. All of the offerings may be customized to mirror your culture. Furthermore, we can also create a session that can meet your own unique needs. All you have to do is share with us what your needs are and leave the design up to us.

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        Communicating Up and Down

        When we think about successful cultures within organizations, strong, open communication systems are almost always correlated with that success. What does communication look like currently within your org, between individuals, teams and even companywide? Implementing specific tactics and techniques can support healthier, increasingly beneficial dialogue that can improve the quality of everyone’s day to day interactions. Participants will reflect on their current communication methodologies in relation to different members of their organization and consider opportunities for improvement. They’ll be guided in a supportive environment through numerous exercises and role play scenarios that will allow for them to feel comfortable implementing effective change. This workshop gives them the space to self-reflect, learn new skills, and feel confident in the why and how when they return to their teams.

          Conflict Resolution

          Conflict in some form is unavoidable – it’s defined as “a disagreement between individuals with opposing opinions.” (dictionary.cambridge.org) There will always be people across different aspects of your life who don’t agree with your perspective. So how do you handle these situations, and what are your usual outcomes?

          Working on a team can present unique dynamics that require an adjusted perspective and attitude from individuals than what they’re accustomed to in their personal life. But the typical human response to conflict is fight, flight or freeze (passive aggression), no matter where they’re experiencing it – none of which are beneficial techniques to employ in work-based situations. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn healthy, relevant tactics that support them in coming to a resolution without overt stress and miscommunication. They’ll better understand their own typical responses to workplace disagreements and feel empowered to express their opinions so that they’ll be responded to in a positive way.

            Leadership at Every Level

            “Leadership” is a broad term that has many definitions, depending on the individual and the organization. It can be used by some to describe an increase in responsibilities, and it can be used by others to describe those in higher up positions. But leadership is an important concept that can be embraced by every employee, no matter where they sit within the organization. Company cultures can promote this mental model by reframing the team member’s perspective and empowering them to feel confident in the leadership they can provide. This results in positive changes to retention rates, quality of work and overall employee happiness.

            Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to re-define what leadership looks like, both personally and across an organization. They’ll be guided in a supportive environment through numerous exercises and role play scenarios that will allow for them to feel comfortable taking responsibility and setting an example for their fellow team members. They’ll be given the space to self-reflect, learn new skills, and feel confident in the why and how when they return to their day to day.

              Jerk at Work

              Is it you, or is it them? We have all worked with difficult people. It was once said, that if you occasionally have an interaction with a person and you think, “Wow, that person was a jerk!” you are probably right. If you begin to realize that everyone you meet is a jerk or is being jerkish – than it may just be YOU.

              As organizations attempt to build cultures with workplace rules and policies, a more simplified approach is within reach to unlock successful work relationships. Learning to deal with difficult people and understanding how you show up to work makes you a valuable commodity, not only as an employee, but also as a respected colleague. Rules and policies in the workplace are inevitable, but how you interact with others and provide them an opportunity to be who they are is critical. Establishing adult playground rules, developing common guidelines and creating tools for you to interact with one another, will provide a successful way to deal with the Jerk at Work, and create your own self-awareness, so YOU are not acting like a Jerk at Work!

                Developing Self-Awareness


                  What makes you tick and others tock? Let’s make your team function like a fine tune machine. Knowing and understanding yourself and how your behavior affects others is crucial to developing your team. The DiSC model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others.  The session increases candor within the team and thus improving workplace communication. Most participants find themselves referring to each other by the profile or identifying in advance reactions from teammates. In a supportive environment it helps others understand you and you understand people who are not like you, or just like you. Utilizing the DiSC profile can help your team maximize on what they do well individually and allow the team to collectively play to strengths. Effective use of the DiSC profile can enable you to build a more effective team, professional development for leaders, provide guidance when dealing with change or conflict, and to identify who may be best to handle key projects and/or roles.

                    Strengths Finder

                    All too often, our natural talents go untapped. In fact, we devote more time to fixing our deficiencies than to developing our strengths, which lends us to a more successful career and fulfillment in the long run. To help people uncover their talents, Gallup introduced the first version of its online assessment, StrengthsFinder, in the 2001. Since then, StrengthsFinder has helped millions to discover their top five talents. StrengthsFinder is a great tool to use whether you are looking to find your purpose, transition careers, or to learn about the value you bring to your role, team and organization.

                      Emergenetics (available soon)

                      Emergenetics is the merging of two ideas – our behavior emerging from our life experiences and our genetic traits. Emergenetics is rooted in the concept that who you are today is the emergence of your behavior, genetic makeup and life experiences. Emergenetics provides a clear way to understand this intersection of nature and nurture through the Emergenetics Profile, built on four Thinking Attributes and three Behavioral Attributes that every person exhibits. This profile can be used to further develop yourself and your team, improving the way we all work together.